IDpro is a software that allows an integral management of the portfolio of R&D projects.

R&D Projects

Adapted for the specific management of innovative projects.


Centralized data of the projects, management of the shared resources.

Fully flexibility

Costs structure customizable by the user.

Excel export

Download all the information available in tables and reports.

Visual environment

Includes reports and helps that facilitate the interaction with the application.

Web environment

Accessible from any location and compatible with all current browsers.

About us

Ingeniería e Innovación

Ingeniería e Innovación is a company specialized in the management of innovation. Our services include, among others, the search for funding for the implementation of R&D projects, their coordination and the development of strategic innovation plans.

Since the creation of the company in 2005 Ingeniería e Innovación has managed more than 1,000 files, including regional, national and European projects. Overall, the sum of the budgets of all the projects that have already been coordinated by the company exceeds EUR 150 million.


Encore-Lab is a technology based company dedicated to the development of innovative solutions in three different technical areas: development of electronic devices, development of advanced software and data analysis using data-mining.

Encore-Lab has been in charge of the technical aspects of the project using open-source technologies such as PHP, MySQL and nginx.